Challenge Cup 2011
When: 24. august, 20:15
Location: Tallinn, Punane Stadium
Description: Challenge Cup between best players of Gold and Silver divisions that participating in Tallinn Grand Liiga 2011.
Tallinn Grand League 2011
When: 11 May - 17 September
Location: Tallinn
Description: Amateur Football Championship 7 v 7! Season 2.
Amateur Premium Football Cup
When: 25 September 2010
Location: Loo stadium
Description: SEM invites football funs to take part in the Real Amateur Football tournament 7 v 7 No professionals guaranteed!
Tallinn Corporate CUP
When: 11th May - 4th June 2010
Location: Tallinn
Description: Sports Event Management invites all interested companies to take part in Tallinn Corporate CUP!