VAR makes its debut in Minifootball Grandliiga! News added: 09/22/2021 12:24
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At the matches of the final stage of the top division of Grandliiga,, among the teams of the first four, which begin on September 22, the video assistance system for referees VAR will work. The decision was made by the Organizing Committee on the eve of the beginning of the final stage!The VAR system introduced back in the 2020/21 Futsal
Grandliiga Futsal season renewal News added: 03/23/2021 14:24
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Members of the organizing committee at yesterday's meeting decided to freeze the top division of the Grand League and resume the championship starting on October 24, 2021.This decision was made after an online meeting with team representatives.Previously, representatives of the teams were offered the following options for ending and resuming the season, due to restrictions:1.  Finish and consider the championship
Games resume are postponed again News added: 02/02/2021 14:46
Due to the fact that restrictions on conducting amateur competitions have not been lifted, Grandliiga games renewal is postponed.    At the moment, the resumption of games has been postponed to February 20 - 21, 2021.As follows from the latest official documents of the Government of the
Temporary suspension Grandliiga games starting from 11/12/20 until 08/01/21 News added: 12/11/2020 12:57
Dear Grandliiga participants!Despite the fact that additional restrictions on holding sports competitions for non-professional teams comes into force from next Monday 14/12/2020, given the progressive number of participants in the tournament with Coronavirus, and an even larger number of teammates who have received a two-week isolation obligation in this regard, the Grandliiga organizing committee finds holding the
Lokomotiv - Euro Takso, YouTube News added: 04/29/2018 17:56
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