Sensation in Grandling-2: Wiiking is gaining the first points!

News added: 08/10/2017 18:55
The main sensation of the 15th round in Grandliga-2 was that newcomer Wiiking gained first points, which before had only losses sometimes with large score. 

Conceded more than hundred goals, Wiiking, nevertheless never lost the presence of spirit and motivation. And their efforts were rewarded in the match against La Strada. Veterans, even intensified by the two players from main team (Ruslan Vakulitš and Aleksei Matvejev from Whiteliners appeared on the field), led 2-0 in the course of the match, but did not retain the advantage by conceding twice.

In general, BLRT Grupp is almost unattainable in the second division of Grandliiga, outrunning nearest pursuer Depoo by five points and having a game in reserve.

And here is everything more interesting, number of teams can claim for third place. Yes, and with the second line is still not complete clarity.

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