The first test of strength News added: 02/05/2010 10:27
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The first play day of the Championship starts on Saturday 6th of February at 13:00 in Loo Sport Center. This is the first test if strength for many teams including the debutants of the tournament. SAS and Hire Right are opening the event! There will be 7 more matches in which 7 teams will have games from all the groups.
Teams lot tossed! News added: 02/05/2010 09:16
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Team meeting that was held in SEM office yesterday tossed the teams into groups. This time there is no “death group”, however participants of Group B would not say so. All together there are 15 teams assigned for the first Estonian Corporate Championship of Futsal 2010. Teams were divided into 3 groups with 5 teams in each. In order to
Tatars won the Winter Nations Challenge Cup News added: 02/01/2010 13:42
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Tatar nation won their first title in Futsal tournament between nations after beating Belarus squad in final 2:1. Group stage went without great sensations, not to mention that Russian team could not make to the play off stage. In that group Estonia, Belarus and England qualified for a play off games. In group B the competition was even harder where
Skype showed the Class! News added: 01/25/2010 08:27
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The first SEM Karting Corporate Cup resigned to the pilots of Skype team. Two first places in the team competition and all the medals from the Super Final for “the fastest and furious” are on the account of “skypies”! From the first minutes of the race, it became clear would set the pace on the track. Even Fjodor
Karting Corporate Cup 22nd Jan News added: 01/20/2010 18:06
Join the corporate race already this Friday at 19:00!