Equator passed News added: 02/19/2010 14:20
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The fifth competition day of the Championship is scheduled on Monday 22nd of February in Sparta Sport Center. Most of the group stage matches are behind and we can sum up the first results of the tournament. In Group B all teams have chances to make it further, only Marine Care has guaranteed its place in the playoffs.
SEB defeated the champion News added: 02/18/2010 07:30
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The fourth competition day of the Estonian Corporate Championship of Futsal has brought only one unexpected result. The team of SEB bank managed to beat the Champion of Christmas Corporate Cup – Ericsson 4:0. Captain of SEB Veiko Mõitsnik was mrked with double score and brought his team to the topp of Group C. Ericsson on the other
The round of huge changes News added: 02/16/2010 13:37
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The next round of the Corporate Championship of Futsal might bring some significant changes in the tournaments standings. This particularly applies to the match in Group C between SEB and Ericsson. A recent favorite Ericsson that lost to Swissotel in last round will face SEB without its captain Juri Busheiko that could leave them without a ticket
Daring wins over favourites News added: 02/13/2010 15:05
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Teams of Police and SEB the newcomers of the Corporate Championship of Futsal started swiftly having two confident wins. Police team started the competition day with triumph victory over Skype Bugs – the finalist of the recent Christmas Corporate Cup. Then they continued their winning pace and defeated the Swedbank team. One more match in Group B between
No room for error News added: 02/11/2010 23:08
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The third competition day of the Championship could be decisive for a few teams that could lose the last chances for the playoffs. Due to previous two loses HireRight Group A have nowhere to retreat. Only the victory over Netlead may leave the hope for an access to play off stage. In a similar situation is the