Grandliiga 2 - Qualification stage 1 June - September 2020 Tallinn, Pae 1


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Dear Minifootball fans,

The Grandliiga Minifootball season (7 a side) starts on June 1, 2020!

You can register a team in the second division of Grandliiga 2 here, by filling up registration form.The last day of registration is May 28, 19:00!

Grandliiga 2 “second division” format

The championship is held in two stages.
At the first stage, teams are divided into two groups in which they play one round.
According to the results of the first stage, the best teams of the groups form the Grandliiga 2 division, the remaining teams form the Grandliiga 2B division (third division).
The second stage of the team begins with the number of points scored in the first stage with teams of the same group.
The second stage is also carried out in a one-round robin system.

The duration of the match is 50 minutes (2 x 25 minutes) of “dirty time”, without stopping the stopwatch.

Matches are held at the Lasnamäe Sports Complex Stadium at Pae 1on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 19:15 to 22:15.

All football players can participate in the tournament with the following restrictions:

Premier and First League (A) Football 2020;

source: Estonian Football Federation (www.jalgpall.ee).


- Players aged 35 and over are admitted without restrictions.

Cost of participation

Additional information can always be obtained by calling 58503849, or by e-mail. mail: info@sem.ee

Thank you for your interest in Grandliiga, see you soon!