Naisteliiga 2020/21 15 November 2020 - 30 January 2021 Tallinn, Koidu 97


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The football season comes to an end, it gets colder and darker outside, it's far from spring! How to keep an amateur athlete interested in sports? Very simple, keep in touch and meet together - at the games of the new tournament, on weekends!

Sports Event Management (SEM), which has hosted Minifootball and Futsal championships (Grandliiga) for many years, is inviting amateur women's teams to a new project - Naisteliiga Futsal 20/21 season.

An example of how the Grandliiga futsal championship is organised see one of the match highlights video: link.

Naisteliiga matches will be held at Tallinn Humanitarian Gymnasium (Koidu 97). Game days: Saturday (14:30 - 16:00) or Sunday (12:30 - 15:00).

The first round of the season is scheduled for Sunday 15 November 2020. The duration of the championship is until February 28, 2021.

The format of the championship will be agreed with all teams wishing to participate, after registration.
It can be two or three round-robins with 6 teams, or two round robins and playoffs with 8 teams.
Teams outside of Harjumaa will have the opportunity to come for two matches to play in one trip.

You can register to participate at the link: REGISTRATION
no later than November 2, 2020.

Key points:
Playing according to futsal rules, "Select" futsal ball.
The duration of the match is 40 minutes (2 x 20 minutes) of "dirty time", without stopping the stopwatch, only the last two minutes of the match is "clean time", with the stopwatch stopping.

The minimum age for a player is 13.
There are no restrictions on female football players.

The maximum number of players in a team is 20. Players can be registered during the championship.

Participation fee - 50 euros per match, for one team.

The participation budget depends on the number of games in the season. An example of calculation with 6 teams in two round-robins:
10 matches of € 50 = € 500.

4 reasons why you should definitely participate

1) For the first 5 registered teams, the first match of the round is free, with the condition that the entire championship is paid before the start, that is, a 50 euro discount!
2) Live stream of matches, your team followers can watch matches on YouTube and players can watch their match right after the game.
3) The matches are served by professional referees!
4) After registration, a set of uniforms (15 people) with printed numbers will be drawn among all the teams of participants.

I am sure that you and your team will have a pleasant experience of the tournament!

Additional information can be obtained by calling 58503849, or by writing a letter to info@sem.ee