Talve Cup 2022/23 17 December 2022 - 8 January 2023 Tallinn, Koidu 97

Description and regulations

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Dear Youth Coach!
We invite you to participate in the first Junior Grandliiga, Winter Cup 22/23.

One day tournaments are held in Tallinn Humanitarium Gymnasiun sports center (Koidu 97, Tallinn) in the following age categories:

(U12) - 2011 (17 December), (U11) - 2012  (18 December),  (U9) - 2014 (7 Januar), (U8) - 2015 (8 Januar).

The tournament uses specially selected balls for indoor games:

U12 и U11 Select Talento 11 V22

U9 и U8 Select Talento 9 V22

Up to 5 teams take part in each age group, all teams play each other once, the winner is determined by the highest number of points!

All tournament games will be broadcast on the Grandliiga YouTube channel.

Teams can be registered:

U12 ja U11 by 14 December!

U9 ja  U8 by 28 December!

Registration form: https://forms.gle/WTTEVYufT66aoBdh6

Participation fee for all ages €120 per team.

Regulations, link.