Baltic Nations Cup 2017 19 - 20 May Riga

Info and Format

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The Baltic Nations Cup – Minifootball 6 a side international tournament among Baltic region countries is held annually, starting from 2015.

The first organizer of the tournament was the Lithuanian Minifootball Association, and the tournament was held in Vilnius, on September 5, 2015.

The tournament is considered preparatory for the national teams before the annual European mini-football championship EMF EURO.

The Baltic Cup is an open regional tournament for all countries.

On the eve of the European Championship EMF EURO 2017, which will be held from 9 to 17 June in Brno, Czech Republic, the national teams of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany take part in the Baltic Cup 2017.

This year the Baltic Cup will be held in Riga, Latvia from 19 to 20 May.

Year Host Champions Runners-up Third place Fouth place
2015 Vilnius, Lithuania Estonia Latvia Lithuania -
2016 Tallinn, Estonia Estonia Latvia Lithuania -
2017 Riga, Latvia Germany Latvia Lithuania Estonia

History of participants and wins.

Tournament format and regulations 2017

There are four (4) national countries participating in Baltic Nations Cup 2017 - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany.

The tournament is conducted on a round robin basis, one round.

The winner is determined by the highest number of points gained.

Winning the match - 3 points, a draw - 1 point, defeat - 0 points.