Grandliiga - SUPERFINAL 2018/2019 31 March THUM, Koidu 97, Tallinn


Untitled Document In Superfinal participate 4 teams:

1) Winner of Grandliiga Futsal Championship regular season
2) Runner up of Grandliiga Futsal Championship regular season
3) The winner of Grandliiga Cup
4) Finalist of the Grandliiga Cup

In the event that one or more teams listed above is duplicated, then the vacant places are provided to the following teams in accordance with their ratings at the end of the championship (First division of Grandliiga)

The Superfinal is played in the playoff format, immediately from the semi-final stage, without a match for 3rd place.

Determination of participants in semifinal matches:
- The winner of the Grandliiga Cup plays with the team, which has a lower rating at the end of the championship (First division of Grandliiga)

Format of Superfinal matches
a) 2 x 20 minutes (regular time), without stopping the stopwatch, only the last two minutes of second halfs are "clean time".
b) in case of a tie in the sum of two halfs, additional time is assigned (2 x 5 min);
c) in case of a draw after additional time, a penalty shoot-out is carried out: up to the first miss of one of the two players.

New players cannot be added, even if the team still has free places.
Teams can use double team players; the number of players for the main team match of the double can not exceed two players.

Participants of Grandliiga Superfinal 2018/2019

Team Grandliiga Grandliiga CUP
COSMOS SENIORS Champion 1/8 final
EURO TAKSO 2nd place 1/4 final
SMSRAHA - Finalist