FINAL FOUR 2020 25 October 2020 Tallinn, Koidu 97


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The Final Four is played in the play-off format, right from the semi-final stage, without a match for 3rd place.

Match format

a) 2 х 20 minutes (regular time), without stopping the stopwatch, only the last two (2) minutes of the second half is "pure time", with stopping the stopwatch;
b) in case of a draw, on the sum of two halves, extra time is assigned (2 х 5 min);
c) in case of a draw after extra time, a penalty shoot-out will take place:
three players from each team participate in the main series; if the main streak does not reveal a winner, an additional penalty shoot-out will be awarded until one of the two players misses the first time.

Only Club teams with the same name (example: TMJK - TMJK II) can use double players.

The teams' application is equal to the seasonal one - 20/21, use of other team players prohibited.

New team players can be registered minimum 30 minutes prior to scheduled match.

In the tournament, a video assistant referee (VAR) system will be tested for the first time, in which the referee can watch a video replay of a controversial moment and make the right decision (violation of the rules when goals are scored, episodes with a penalty, erroneous presentation of a straight red card). Links to the document VAR Futsal (ENG), VAR Futsal (EST).