Grandliiga - Qualification 2024 22 April - 1 May 2024 Tallinn, Pae 1


Untitled Document Grandliiga minifootball season starts off with a Qualification tournament, 22 april - 1 mai.

Teams registration for the season is open until 18th of April 18:00! Link to registration form!

After registration is complete, Grandliiga organising committee during the meeting on 18th of april will make the final decision on championships format in each division (start 6 may) and Qualification format (start 22 april).

The main game days of the season are, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Times of games start: 19:15, 20:15, 21:15

Games length 2 x 25 minutes

Player restriction rules in each division:

Grandliiga (premier division)
no restrictions

Grandliiga 2
Football - Premium liiga and Esiliiga A (EJL, 2024)

Grandliiga 2B
Football - Premium liiga ja Esiliiga A ja B (EJL, 2024)
Futsal - High division (EJL 23/24)

There are no restrictions during the qualifying tournament! Restrictions come after the qualifying tournament, when the teams will be divided into divisions.
Example! If a team uses one of the players of the EJL 23/24 high division participant, and according to the results of the qualifying tournament, the team is distributed to the Grandliiga 2B division, then the team can no longer use this player in the Grandliiga 2B championship.

Seniors, 40 years and older - no restrictions
Players who have any long-term EJL disqualification are not allowed to play. Link: http://jalgpall.ee/ejl/distsiplinaardokumendid
Including qualifying and friendly games.

Participation fee, link

The cost of participation depends on the number of matches and the declared players (licences) in the season.

On the Grandliiga YouTube channel, you can visually see how and where Grandliiga minifootball matches (7vs7 format) are held in Tallinn link.

Additional information can always be obtained by calling 58503849. Your comments and opinions can be sent by email: info@sem.ee

Thank you for your interest in Grandliiga, see you soon!