Grandliiga - Tallinn Championship 2016/2017 6 November 2016 - March 2017 Tallinn, Koidu 97


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Grandliiga Futsal Championship 2016/2017 consist of qualification tournament, as well as of main tournament with 10 participating teams.

In qualification tournament compete teams who wish to participate in the main tournament. Qualification will take place from from 9th october till 23rd october 2016. Teams will compete in groups. Four best teams qualificate to the main tournament. Teams ranked 5 and lower got to participate in the second division.

Main Tournament - Grandliiga (2016/2017)
Six teams, which ended up on 1 - 6 places of the last season qualificate automaticaly. They are joined by 4 best teams from qualification tournament. Main tounament consist of two round robins.